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All your policies all in one place no matter your agent or company. Get instant access to policy info, important contacts and billing.

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Insurance is critical to your business. The Lavender platform provides expert insight, organization tools and access to an extensive network of insurance providers and brokers.  Now you can feel confident your company has the right protection for the best price.

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Every policy added to your Lavender dashboard is reviewed by a Lavender insurance expert.   Feel confident with honest insights and recommendations.

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Lavender is not a broker, this means no pushy salespeople. Just tools and insight built to help your business.

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No matter the broker or company, you can store and manage your insurance policies. Just upload the policy and we will personalize your dashboard.

We create a unified dashboard for all your policies

Our beautifully designed policy dashboard allows you find relevant policy, contact and coverage information.  Email wasn't built to store your insurance documents, Lavender was.

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Receive timely recommendations and insights

Instead of approaching third party brokers for competing quotes, Lavender provides easy to understand comparable recommendations that match or improve your coverage.

Expert answers always text, call or email away.

Getting answers about your insurance should be fast paced like your business. With Lavender, you can get any insurance questions answered with a simple text message.
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