Inusrance reimagined

We believe it is time that business insurance becomes smarter and simpler.  

That is why we built Lavender. Whether you are purchasing a new policy, managing your current coverage or making a claim you shouldn't have to jump through hoops.  

Our Mission

Simpler insurance is
better for businesses

Time is valuable.  Every business owner understands that and we understand that.  We built this platform and service to help you win back your time by making the process of insurance efficient and educational.  No more questioning what your policies cover, if you are paying too much or how to find info about your coverage.  With Lavender, you can stop wasting time on insurance and continue to grow your business.

Our team is on your side

Trevor Heath

Founder / CEO

Spending 5+ years in the commercial insurance industry plus the experience of becoming a full-stack software developer has made Trevor extremely passionate about the ways technology can improve the  purchasing and managing of insurance products for business.  

Mary Cho

Founder / CMO

Mary brings her expertise in design, digital marketing and technology integration to Lavender. Her goal with Lavender is to simplify insurance, the insurance process and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Rohit Ravikoti

Founder / CTO

Rohit is a seasoned CTO who has founded a successful software agency and has architected many modular and scalable software infrastructures. He strives to create simple solutions which effectively serve the needs of the customer and the business

Nickie Heath

Director of Insurance Products

Nickie has over 35 years of insurance experience.  Her intimate knowledge of coverage, markets and claims litigation gives Lavender an unbelievable advantage when it comes servicing your business's insurance needs.

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